Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hmmm. . .

I'm trying to check something so I'm posting to see if a link that I created will show up. We shall see. :)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Listening Stations

Well, we're supposed to blog about anything technology related so the thing that's most on my mind currently are the listening stations. I've been trying to get them loaded so that we can finally get them out on the floor for the public to use. Basically, we'll have what Wal-Mart has. :) You know? They're those little stands with headphones and you can listen to part of the album that you're looking at but not really going to buy but you're wasting time until whoever you're with gets done shopping. Yeah, those. So, ours have to be loaded and then sheets made with the numbers to enter to listen to whatever album you want to listen to. The kids will be able to hear the whole CD not just samples like at Wal-Mart. So, I'm picking fun music and stories for them to have on there. Plus, we can record over whats on the CPU if we want to change things up.
Great, right. Well, it would be if both of the stations worked but only one is working right now so the other has to be sent back to the manufacturer. :( But luckily, the 4-user station does load so we'll be able to have them out there to use soon. Oh, I'm rambling. Well, that's the technology that's on my mind. Its pretty cool. One CPU and four kids can listen to four different CDs at the same time. . . or even eight kids if you put some splitters on there. Woo hoo!


Originally uploaded by ender202.
This is actually an old picture and I didn't actually take it because I was in it but it was on my own digital camera and I did all the uploading. :) Anyway, now our department has our own very nice digital camera to use. YAY!
I love seeing everyone getting into this project. Its been fun!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Cell by Stephen King

I'm not a really big fan of Stephen King's work. What a way to start a review! But, don't despair. This is not going to be disparaging to Mr. King. Well, at least not on this book. The reason I'm not a big fan is that he is so big on describing every little thing! Some people enjoy this style of writing (obviously since he's a bestselling author). I like the stories he tells and have enjoyed the movies and television shows that have been based on his work. I first attempted to read the first book in the Dark Tower series. I got a little over halfway through and gave up thinking, "Nothing is happening!" (For Little Mermaid fans, that last line is said with the voice of Scuttle the seagull.) My fiancee, however, is a huge fan and has read all his books. So, we have tons of them on our bookshelf. He was taking a nap in the bedroom where my books that I was reading were currently located and I didn't want to disturb him so I went to the shelf. I've read most of my books that were on there so I figured hey, lets give King a shot. I thought I could always put it back if I get tired of it. I spent a couple of minutes perusing my choices and went with the newest book we have of his, Cell.
This book was vastly more intriguing in its style than anything I've read by him so far. The book was action filled which probably cut down a bit on the description or at least made it easier for me to read. The premise is that a pulse is sent through all cell phones that causes anyone who hears it to basically go crazy. These crazies run rampant killing and terrifying those who were lucky enough to escape the cell phone epidemic. The story then follows primarily a man named Clay who is on a desperate quest to find his son but also includes some compelling other characters who join his band.
The story makes you a little wary of picking up that cell phone but hey, I don't have a land line anymore so there's not much of a choice for me. I guess if horror turns to reality, I might end up cell phone crazy myself. For Stephen King fans, this may be just another in a long line of great books but for me, this was a serendipitous find.

7 and a half habits

So, I went through the 14 minute presentation for my second thing of the 23. It was a little pedantic but I thought it was a nice step for many who may not feel comfortable with a lot of technology so newbies will feel okay with doing these 'things'. I do think it will be easier for some and I hope everyone works together to complete these items together. I can think of some people right now who may not feel very comfortable taking on this project but I'm going to try to encourage them to tackle it. The mp3 player is a very cool incentive but the real goal here is for everyone to feel comfortable in the environment of technology that we work in every day. Hey, I work with kids and I don't want them to blow by me in their knowledge. I just want to keep up!
So, of the 7 and a half habits, I found the habit, "View problems as challenges" to be the one that trips me up the most. I just view them as problems. I don't let that stop me but at times, its just something to get past and not a learning experience. For example, when I lost a semester long project in undergrad because I didn't have it backed up (duh), this did not feel like a challenge to me. This was a disaster! Of course, I did learn a valuable lesson but it was hard to view it as just another challenge to overcome. Ugh, even thinking about it makes me cringe.
The habit I find the easiest is probably the playing one but I really do enjoy teaching/mentoring others. I learn a lot when I am helping others to complete tasks and its great to know that I'm getting someone else to their goals as well as completing my own. Its a lot more fun to me to teach than it is just to absorb knowledge even though I am a lifelong learner. Heck, that's why being a librarian is such a great job for me!
Well, there it is. Just thought I'd blog my findings quickly so I'd remember what I thought of all this. Hope everyone else is having fun with this project! :)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Reviewing Life

Soooo, my view on life is that there is always something that isn't quite right or downright sucky for that matter. I can't seem to get a handle on anything but I'm still trying. I just thought I'd review something since that's what this blog is called. I would love to just get a break from all this stress but I don't know how I'm supposed to do that. I dug this hole so now I get to sit in the mud puddle from the rain that started after I had nicely packed all the dirt down. :) Yay. Yeah, I'm not in the greatest of moods but I get up, go to work, and do what I have to. Maybe things will improve. . . but I doubt it.

Learning 2.0

So, I created this blog a while ago and completely forgot about it! Funny because now it will have an additional use since I created it originally to review books, movies, etc. but never got around to it. Now, I'm going to be learning about 23 things through my job and this blog will help me record my discoveries. I have so many people at work to ask about all this stuff because of our wonderful tech staff. :) Anyway, this fulfills one of the 23 things I have to do in order to earn a very cool prize from my employer. I get an MP3 player just for learning stuff! How cool is that? Well, I guess I'm on to my next 'thing'.