Monday, August 07, 2006

7 and a half habits

So, I went through the 14 minute presentation for my second thing of the 23. It was a little pedantic but I thought it was a nice step for many who may not feel comfortable with a lot of technology so newbies will feel okay with doing these 'things'. I do think it will be easier for some and I hope everyone works together to complete these items together. I can think of some people right now who may not feel very comfortable taking on this project but I'm going to try to encourage them to tackle it. The mp3 player is a very cool incentive but the real goal here is for everyone to feel comfortable in the environment of technology that we work in every day. Hey, I work with kids and I don't want them to blow by me in their knowledge. I just want to keep up!
So, of the 7 and a half habits, I found the habit, "View problems as challenges" to be the one that trips me up the most. I just view them as problems. I don't let that stop me but at times, its just something to get past and not a learning experience. For example, when I lost a semester long project in undergrad because I didn't have it backed up (duh), this did not feel like a challenge to me. This was a disaster! Of course, I did learn a valuable lesson but it was hard to view it as just another challenge to overcome. Ugh, even thinking about it makes me cringe.
The habit I find the easiest is probably the playing one but I really do enjoy teaching/mentoring others. I learn a lot when I am helping others to complete tasks and its great to know that I'm getting someone else to their goals as well as completing my own. Its a lot more fun to me to teach than it is just to absorb knowledge even though I am a lifelong learner. Heck, that's why being a librarian is such a great job for me!
Well, there it is. Just thought I'd blog my findings quickly so I'd remember what I thought of all this. Hope everyone else is having fun with this project! :)


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