Monday, August 07, 2006

Cell by Stephen King

I'm not a really big fan of Stephen King's work. What a way to start a review! But, don't despair. This is not going to be disparaging to Mr. King. Well, at least not on this book. The reason I'm not a big fan is that he is so big on describing every little thing! Some people enjoy this style of writing (obviously since he's a bestselling author). I like the stories he tells and have enjoyed the movies and television shows that have been based on his work. I first attempted to read the first book in the Dark Tower series. I got a little over halfway through and gave up thinking, "Nothing is happening!" (For Little Mermaid fans, that last line is said with the voice of Scuttle the seagull.) My fiancee, however, is a huge fan and has read all his books. So, we have tons of them on our bookshelf. He was taking a nap in the bedroom where my books that I was reading were currently located and I didn't want to disturb him so I went to the shelf. I've read most of my books that were on there so I figured hey, lets give King a shot. I thought I could always put it back if I get tired of it. I spent a couple of minutes perusing my choices and went with the newest book we have of his, Cell.
This book was vastly more intriguing in its style than anything I've read by him so far. The book was action filled which probably cut down a bit on the description or at least made it easier for me to read. The premise is that a pulse is sent through all cell phones that causes anyone who hears it to basically go crazy. These crazies run rampant killing and terrifying those who were lucky enough to escape the cell phone epidemic. The story then follows primarily a man named Clay who is on a desperate quest to find his son but also includes some compelling other characters who join his band.
The story makes you a little wary of picking up that cell phone but hey, I don't have a land line anymore so there's not much of a choice for me. I guess if horror turns to reality, I might end up cell phone crazy myself. For Stephen King fans, this may be just another in a long line of great books but for me, this was a serendipitous find.


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