Friday, August 25, 2006

Listening Stations

Well, we're supposed to blog about anything technology related so the thing that's most on my mind currently are the listening stations. I've been trying to get them loaded so that we can finally get them out on the floor for the public to use. Basically, we'll have what Wal-Mart has. :) You know? They're those little stands with headphones and you can listen to part of the album that you're looking at but not really going to buy but you're wasting time until whoever you're with gets done shopping. Yeah, those. So, ours have to be loaded and then sheets made with the numbers to enter to listen to whatever album you want to listen to. The kids will be able to hear the whole CD not just samples like at Wal-Mart. So, I'm picking fun music and stories for them to have on there. Plus, we can record over whats on the CPU if we want to change things up.
Great, right. Well, it would be if both of the stations worked but only one is working right now so the other has to be sent back to the manufacturer. :( But luckily, the 4-user station does load so we'll be able to have them out there to use soon. Oh, I'm rambling. Well, that's the technology that's on my mind. Its pretty cool. One CPU and four kids can listen to four different CDs at the same time. . . or even eight kids if you put some splitters on there. Woo hoo!


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