Sunday, September 24, 2006

Melanie 3.14159265. . .

Yes folks, the new version of Melanie has been released. Better than Melanie 0.7, far beyond Melanie 1.847, and so much more mature than Melanie 2.999999. So enjoy!
Anyway, I read all the articles concerning the Library 2.0/Web 2.0 assignment and I found most of them a bit unwieldy except for Into a New World of Librarianship by Michael Stephens. His article was a bit more practical and not theoretical or so scholarly. I'm a fan of simple and practical ideas and resolutions. Stephens gave some hard and fast rules about how to be this new type of librarian. I liked that he said this librarian should keep up with trends and be knowledgeable but not be in 'technolust' about every new thing that comes out. Basically, he made the point that we are here to provide a service and Library 2.0 should provide just that without cutting corners. The idea of a transparent library is a very good one. Libraries should inform their patrons of how, why, and when they are making new decisions and involve them in the process. This makes for a happier group of people in the end. You can't please everyone but you can at least be fair.
I don't think the idea of Library 2.0 will change my life or how I do my job in any great grand way but the new perspective will give me food for thought. To be honest, I feel I'm ready to be a part of this trend but I'm not sure everyone will come aboard so easily. Some people in libraryland like being elitist and it takes some work to change people's minds about being user-friendly or even what that means! Hmmm. . .well, back to work on Melanie 4.4.


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