Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Quick, I need a wiki!

These were fun sites to peruse through. Honestly, I knew what wikipedia was but I had no idea what a wiki was in general. I had no idea how popular they were or the different uses they have had. Very cool!
I'll have to read this book that I found while perusing St. Joseph County PL's wiki. Hmm, except that we don't have it. :( I'll have to submit a suggest for purchase. Ok, did that. I find if I do things when I think about them, they actually get done instead of being forgotten!
Anyway, I liked the idea of being able to add to content. For example, when I was wandering through the Library Success: a best practices wiki, I found that they had readers' advisory info for a lot of areas but nothing specifically on children's. I don't have the time right now to add everything that I know on that area but it was neat to think about what I could write. I'm thinking about putting together an outline of basics to add in on that one. I'm sure many others would have something to contribute on that topic as well. I guess that's the idea anyway!
The best uses for a wiki in a library setting would have to be reviews of things (books, websites, videos, etc.). Also, anything that required feedback would be great in a wiki. Evaluations of programs could be done this way. Surveys could be conducted. The ideas just keep rolling in this area. Heck, you could make a wiki to ask people what kind of wikis they would like! Well, enough of the wikis for today.
Next thing . . .


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