Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rollyo: The Fruit Roll Up of Search Engines

I like it.
I was a little confused on the concept at first but I like it now. I created a ferret rollyo and then I had to take the wikipedia ferret site out because it ended up searching all of wikipedia instead of just the ferret site. Yeah, that screwed up my results a bit. Soooo, now it works and I can look for products for ferrets and anything else I'd like to know! Cool.
I used the gamers rollyo as well. I'm not a gamer myself but my husband plays xbox a lot and he is always asking for cheat codes. This should make them easy to find. I tried out Helene's rollyo of PLCMC's sites but I couldn't really think of too many things to search for. I know all those sites already I guess.
Hmmmm, guess that's all for now.


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