Thursday, October 05, 2006

Deep Thoughts . . .

Overall, I learned a few new sites in the course of this program and although I don't see myself using all of it for work in a direct way, I feel like I'm keeping up with fun new technologies. As a librarian, I think its very important to be aware of whats out there. I don't like looking clueless when a patron young or old asks me how or what something is and I've never even heard of it! Its especially important when working with kids since they know everything as soon as it comes out.
My favorites along the way were:

I really didn't like:

  • Rollyo
  • Searching for feeds (most results were useless!)

I enjoyed the format this took but I noticed a lot of co-workers not taking the time to participate. Perhaps shorter versions could be made with smaller incentives to encourage people to take that time out. Most of those who did not get motivated to participate were less inclined to be technosavvy. Although I did see some coworkers who usually have some difficulty with tech issues really get interested in the project.

I would definitely participate in future projects/endeavors. Especially with another cool incentive like this one had. It was fun and I'm relieved to be at the finish line. Phew!

Audiobooks online

So, I'm currently downloading Carrie by Stephen King. I thought the tutorial for NetLibrary was done really well. I thought about skipping it and just going to NetLibrary but I'm glad I didn't because it gave some good tips and plus I got to hear Mary's voice. :) So, it was quick and painless and when I get my MP3 player on Monday, I'll know what to do. Yay! I don't have too much else to say about NetLibrary. The titles are a bit limited so it seems better to browse to find something to listen to instead of looking for something specific unless its a title in public domain. Of course, that's based on my cursory first review of the site. We'll see how it goes over time. I love listening to these so its very cool.

Listening 2.0

So, I searched for some different types of podcasts and had trouble getting it to play at first. I kept trying and it finally started to pop up correctly. Not sure what happened but I don't think it was me because I just kept clicking on different podcasts and then it magically worked. I subscribed to a few on Yahoo podcasts and I did like that I could add it to My Yahoo which I pretty regularly check. I decided to add podiobooks to my bloglines account. This site that I found on Yahoo's site has podcasts of books. I didn't see a lot of big name authors on there but I thought it would be interesting to check it out. I also really enjoyed the NPR podcasts that were available. The story of the day was interesting and I subscribed to that. I didn't find a podcast that specifically reviewed children's books but there were some that reviewed books and included children's books. I'll probably just stick with the RSS news feed of NPR that reviews just children's books. Yep, will definitely continue to listen to these. Although, I could use some headphones that aren't bulky. I've had to borrow the library's headphones and they just don't look cool. I'll have to buy a pair to keep at my desk that are a little less nerdy.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

This is MeTube

Ok, earlier I posted a link to the new Weird Al video (which was leaked onto the internet and was supposed to have an AOL world premier oh well). This is a video that I shot and uploaded to YouTube a little over a month ago. I enjoy YouTube even though there's a lot of useless stuff on there. I love that its free and easy to use. I was a little disappointed though because I took a video with my camera sideways and then wasn't able to flip it so it was angled right on the computer. I'm sure there's a way to do it but apparently not very easily. I'll have to remember not to do that with my camera next time. Its a learning process. So here's my embedded video and I hope it doesn't crash your browser.

Myspace Is Yourspace

So I checked out the 3 featured sites under social networking. I've been a member of myspace for several years now. Recommended by a teen page that I worked with at another library. I've enjoyed keeping up with folks on there and looking at shared pictures. Its a fairly reliable site which is one of the best things about it. A lot of these sites, ahem blogger, have issues with errors pretty frequently. I do understand since its hard to keep up with the tech issues when you have such a heavily used site. But its nice when everything works as it should. Myspace is in my opinion the most popular among the younger crowd and the most 'cool' but the other sites have their benefits as well.
Facebook is primarily for college students and grads. This does leave out a large portion of the population and seems rather elitist to me. It is a hugely popular site and I know a lot of my friends are on there. I've only recently joined so don't know much about the long term aspects of this site (i.e. reliability). The networking aspect of this site looks pretty good although I had a hard time finding people. I don't know if its because my friends aren't on here or what. Plus the networks have to be officially organized instead of a loosely based system that tends to be easier and more readily used by people like what myspace and consumating use. The site could be a bit more user friendly.
Speaking of Consumating, that was a cool site! I love the questions and contests they have. The site is well organized and its easy to click thru everything. I could care less about the popularity aspect where you gain points but its neat to see if people are reading what you write. I don't have any peeps on there yet but I'll definitely revisit this site just to read the weekly question. Its a good opportunity for writers to test their abilities in an informal way.
So, we were supposed to pick one site but I had already used myspace so I thought it would be good to compare/contrast. Yeah, I'm an overachiever on this thing. I could probably detail each interesting element of all the sites but that would be boring so there you go. I enjoyed wandering around and discovering these networking tools and it will be interesting to see if anyone contacts me about work. I did have an author reach me on myspace once.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ghetto Word, not so ghetto

My first thought of Zoho and Writely was that they would be ghetto. Yeah, I was thinking of the subpar software that comes with some of the not so pricey computers that can't afford the Microsoft pricetag. That stuff is such a pain. This was soooo much better! I like that its free for starters and that you can save as pdf, html, rtf, and others. That's pretty nifty. Very user friendly with the wysiwyg format. I haven't gotten the publish feature to work yet but I'm thinking that's a problem most likely. Blogger has not proven itself to be a very reliable site lately. The glitches really need some work there. I also like the easy to access smileys. :) I think blogger should get that button too. I don't see myself using this a whole lot because I'm in children's and we don't do a whole lot of homework help at ImaginOn. Weird, huh? But, I can see it being an extremely useful tool for teens and adults for projects and file sharing and lots of other things. Plus, its easy enough that an older patron wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. Yep, useful tool here and I had no idea it was out there. I really should keep up better. Oh wait, that's what I'm doing. Duh. . .