Thursday, October 05, 2006

Deep Thoughts . . .

Overall, I learned a few new sites in the course of this program and although I don't see myself using all of it for work in a direct way, I feel like I'm keeping up with fun new technologies. As a librarian, I think its very important to be aware of whats out there. I don't like looking clueless when a patron young or old asks me how or what something is and I've never even heard of it! Its especially important when working with kids since they know everything as soon as it comes out.
My favorites along the way were:

I really didn't like:

  • Rollyo
  • Searching for feeds (most results were useless!)

I enjoyed the format this took but I noticed a lot of co-workers not taking the time to participate. Perhaps shorter versions could be made with smaller incentives to encourage people to take that time out. Most of those who did not get motivated to participate were less inclined to be technosavvy. Although I did see some coworkers who usually have some difficulty with tech issues really get interested in the project.

I would definitely participate in future projects/endeavors. Especially with another cool incentive like this one had. It was fun and I'm relieved to be at the finish line. Phew!


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