Thursday, October 05, 2006

Listening 2.0

So, I searched for some different types of podcasts and had trouble getting it to play at first. I kept trying and it finally started to pop up correctly. Not sure what happened but I don't think it was me because I just kept clicking on different podcasts and then it magically worked. I subscribed to a few on Yahoo podcasts and I did like that I could add it to My Yahoo which I pretty regularly check. I decided to add podiobooks to my bloglines account. This site that I found on Yahoo's site has podcasts of books. I didn't see a lot of big name authors on there but I thought it would be interesting to check it out. I also really enjoyed the NPR podcasts that were available. The story of the day was interesting and I subscribed to that. I didn't find a podcast that specifically reviewed children's books but there were some that reviewed books and included children's books. I'll probably just stick with the RSS news feed of NPR that reviews just children's books. Yep, will definitely continue to listen to these. Although, I could use some headphones that aren't bulky. I've had to borrow the library's headphones and they just don't look cool. I'll have to buy a pair to keep at my desk that are a little less nerdy.


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